Celeb Bait: Lirpa Labs Celebrity Headphones Page 6

Bottom Line

The four models of the Lirpa Labs Celebrity Headphone line are, without question, the greatest celebrity-branded headphones we’ve heard. Each could — and has — become our new reference. All are fantastically overbuilt, far exceeding the quality of other celebrity-branded headphones in their price ranges.

Of course, there were a few complaints. The Ultrasonic Love’s included cable is a bit frustrating to use, as its mirrored facet exterior causes flexibility issues. The microphonic nature of the Steal Your Ears cable occasionally incites paranoia. Fog from the Floyd ‘phones decreases available oxygen, though this is only an issue if the user finds mild asphyxia unpleasant. Lastly, the aesthetics of the J. Sebastian Baroques could be considered controversial, though this would largely depend on the owner’s current coiffure.

We at Sound+Vision have never been so impressed by a company’s first foray into a new product category. The design and engineering knowledge that Dr. Lirpa acquired while developing the exquisite Liberty Freedom 1776 A-FY speaker has obviously trickled down to these headphones. In fact, after examining the headphones closely, Brent is convinced that Dr. Lirpa sourced their components from many of the same elite vendors who helped make the Liberty Freedom 1776 A-FY such a success.

When asked what was next for his hugely successful company, Dr. Lirpa seemed all too willing to turn his back on the audio industry that got him his start. “We’ve successfully manufactured an HDMI cable made of ultra-pure carbon/silicon wire that transmits at twice the speed of light, turning any HDTV into 4K 3D. What we’re really excited about, though, is our 55-inch biodegradable OLED, which uses high voltage with graminoids, rosaceae, and cyanococcus induced to an electroluminescent form to create an image. So far, the results are luscious.” Dr. Lirpa promises that his first video product will arrive in time for an exclusive review in Sound+Vision’s April/ May 2013 issue.

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