CEDIA Expo 2011: Projector Roundup

Perhaps it was because I wasn't paying attention, but I didn't expect a lot of big projector news to come out of this show. Yeah, I was wrong.

The biggest story? 4K, as in more than twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of wimpy 1080p. Sure there aren't any 4K sources. Sure there's no way you'll see the added resolution even on a big screen, but hey, why not? Sony had true 4K on hand, while JVC made do with their almost-4K "e-Shift" models, which wobulated their way to a tiny-grained picture that was pretty much indistinguishable from the real thing, from my perspective.

In other news, Epson demonstrated their LCoS-like Liquid Crystal on Quartz technology, while Runco was trying to generate some interest in their passive 3D system, and Digital Projection and Sim2 got cinematic on the high-end, offering 2.35:1 in the dScope 1080p and NERO 235 respectively. Epson and JVC continued the other big projector push of the season - driving the cost of 3D down well below $2,000, with $1,599 projectors on hand from both big manufacturers shown alongside their high-end fare.

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