CEDIA 2023 Preview: GoldenEar to Showcase Stunning New T66 Tower

The stunning new T66 tower speaker will be front and center in the GoldenEar exhibit when CEDIA Expo 2023 opens its doors tomorrow morning. (Watch these pages for coverage from the show floor.)

The first speaker designed by GoldenEar since the brand was acquired by the Quest Group in 2020, the T66 honors proven design concepts that are central to the critically acclaimed Triton Series launched in 2010 under the guiding hand of audio legend Sandy Gross.

Standing just shy of 49 inches tall, there’s no mistaking that the T66 is a GoldenEar design. The familiar slender cabinet mates the brand’s signature folded ribbon AMT tweeter and two 4.5-inch cast-basket midbass drivers (one above and one below) with a powered subwoofer section featuring two “racetrack” style long-throw 5 x 9-inch woofers and a pair of bass-enhancing 8 x 12-inch passive radiators (one on each side); power for the bass section is delivered by a DSP-controlled amplifier rated at 500 watts RMS.

The T66 also boasts several cosmetic and sonic refinements that distinguish it from previous GoldenEar speaker designs, including a “dramatically augmented” crossover design, upgraded internal wiring (the specialty of sister-brand AudioQuest), a new cast-aluminum base with adjustable feet that can be fitted with steel spikes or rubber tips, a metal grille, and the “strongest cabinet GoldenEar has ever made.”

The refined design also features the use of critically-finessed wool felt on the mounting plate and elsewhere to minimize diffraction and bounce distortions and “multi-vaned phase plugs” on the midbass drivers to help facilitate “exceptional off-axis response.”

With a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, the speakers boast an efficient sensitivity rating of 91 dB (1-watt/1 meter) and are rated to play down to 29 Hz (–6 dB on axis, anechoic).

Available in gloss black ($6,900/pair) or the striking Santa Barbara Red finish shown above ($7,200/pair), the T66 boasts separate gold-plated Bass and Treble binding posts with removable jumpers for bi-wiring. The speakers are slated for delivery in the “fall/winter 2023” time frame. For more information, visit goldenear.com.

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I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of this product. It's built to last.
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The product's workmanship and quality have really pleased me. It is made to last.
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