Efforts to Revitalize Integra Start with Flagship AVR

In the Integra booth at last week’s CEDIA Expo 2023, all eyes were on the recently introduced DRX-8.4 AV receiver, the $3,200 lynchpin in the brand’s highly regarded AVR lineup. In walking S&V’s Mark Henninger through the cavalcade of features that put the 11.4-channel receiver at the top of the heap, Marcus Buckler, training manager for Integra owner Premium Audio Company, noted that the company has embarked on a mission to revitalize the high-end brand Onkyo introduced as Integra Research way back in 1969.

Since those early days, the focus remains on delivering best-in-class performance and the DRX-8.4 seems clearly capable of achieving that with its 11 amplified channels and hefty power output (rated at 150 watts/channel with two channels driven). In recent years, Integra has become a brand that “always has the CI [custom installation] dealer at heart,” Buckler noted. In addition to HDMI inputs that support 8K/60p, the receiver is built like a tank and uses giant heat sinks and two low-noise fans to ensure effective cooling in addition to boasting Sonos certification for up to three remote zones, balanced XLR pre-outs for the front channels and two subwoofers, and Dirac Live full-bandwidth room correction. “This is a product you can grow into and never grow out of,” Buckler said. Watch the video for more detail.

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