CEDIA 2010 - The Future of Home Theater Gear

The CEDIA Expo is going on right now in Atlanta, GA. This show, while considerably smaller than the gargantuan CES in Las Vegas, is the most important trade show of the year for the custom residential market. Most of the companies that come to this show reveal their latest products here, rather than wait until January for CES.

This year 3D is the big thing, which isn't surprising since this seems to be the technology that is fueling the CE industry right now. However, at CEDIA it's not just about LCD and LED displays with 3D capabilities, the next generation of high-end projectors will now support 3D content.

Case in point. out of Norway comes the avielo optix 3D by projectiondesign. Using proprietary image processing and special high resolution lenses, the avielo projector displays compelling 3D images in a home-theater environment, without compromising image quality, brightness, contrast, or consistency of color rendition. Or so the press release says.

Kaleidescape, known for their highly sophisticated media servers, introduced the first remote designed specifically for children. The on-screen user interface automatically changes to a interface when the kids use it, offering graphical navigation of movie covers with only nine buttons –up, down, left, right, select, play, pause, stop and shuffle. According to the company, it's so simple and intuitive, even a toddler can use it. Parents choose what content is in the child's personal collection of movies, hiding everything else on the system. When an adult uses the controller, the interface changes displaying all possible programming and playback options.

There are going to be major announcements such as this for the next four days, so get the scoop on what's being introduced this year with first impressions from our reporters on the ground. Click here.