Cambridge Audio Evo 150 Streaming Integrated Amplifier Review Specs

POWER OUTPUT: 150 watts (8 ohms)
DIMENSIONS (WxHxD, inches): 12.4 x 3.5 x 12.4
WEIGHT (Pounds): 11.7
AUDIO INPUTS: HDMI ARC, coaxial digital, optical digital (2), analog stereo RCA, balanced XLR, phono (MM), USB Type-B
AUDIO OUTPUTS: Stereo speaker level (2), headphone (3.5mm, front panel), analog stereo RCA preamp, subwoofer
ADDDITIONAL: USB Type-A, LAN (Ethernet), RS-232C, IR trigger in/out
WIRELESS: Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Chromecast built-in, aptX HD Bluetooth (two-way)
STREAMING: Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, internet radio; Roon Ready, UPnP-DLNA
HIGH-RES AUDIO: PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz, DSD up to DSD256 (all DSD via the USB and network inputs only), MQA enabled
Price: $3,000

Company Info
Cambridge Audio
(877) 357-8204
Cambridge Audio
(877) 357-8204

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Come on! 3 big ones? I could stream from a hundred dollar Chromebook hooked to another hundred buck USB digital analog gizmo and run it to my stereo. Sure, if you don't have a decent stereo, maybe. But do you really think the buyer of this is not going to already have a stereo? Now, you are also going to have to buy quality speakers, not a modest sum to say the least. Perhaps I am missing something here. Perhaps this is aimed at the 1% buyer who is told what to buy, and doesn't really understand too much about pretty much, anything at all. I guess I should be happy (and a tad smug) that I understand this stuff much better then some snotty nosed trust fund baby, but then again, how come I don't feel any better?

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You should get back on your meds.