Bose Making Energy Efficient Speakers for Electric Cars

Bose_ee_series_blog Like the vast majority of Americans, I have never driven an electric car, so it had never crossed my mind that turning on the radio whild driving would use up juice normally reserved for making the car go. To remedy this problem in their upcoming 2011 Volt, Chevy is using a new sound system by Bose, which they claim to be "30% smaller, 40% lighter and use 50% less sound." They also claim that it will still output "100% Bose sound," which, you're welcome to interpret for yourselves (loudly and in the comments). As Bose puts it on their site, "By using advanced switching amplification, high motor force speakers and proprietary control circuitry, the amount of power the system uses is reduced by half." Of course, I'm not going to make any judgments about the system until it's pumping sound into my own ears, but you can feel free to make any kind of wild assumptions you'd like below.