Blu-ray's BD-Live Copy Hack

Nothing's safe anymore, is it? The folks over at the Doom9 forum just posted an update to their Blu-ray disc copying software. What's included now?

The software is one of the first, as far as we know, to copy the BD-Live extension. Blu-ray Disc Ripper 1.4 lets users copy from a Blu-ray to a hard drive. In addition to the 37.2kb software program and the disc, you'll need a movie-specific "key." Luckily for the hackers of the world, users on the Doom9 forum publish those keys.

Keep reading to see how it works.

This software copies the AACS folder from the Blu-ray disc. According to the author of the software, this "might be needed for BD-Live enabled titles to decrypt related downloaded content."

Just in case you need more hacking, the same group has also hacked into the the BD+ Blu-ray protection system.  So much for the 10-year protection that was supposed to have. -Leslie Shapiro

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