Blu-con 1.0: Be There or Be Square

Mark your calender. December 8th at the swank Beverly Hills Hotel. Be there or be square. Blu-con 1.0 will be a one-day summit for Blu-ray developers, marketers and producers. As the website says, "This workshop is designed to provide a forum for industry insiders to share their perspectives on innovative technologies behind the Blu-ray format. It will also be an unprecedented gathering of movie studios, and their service provider partners, to discuss how to advance the marketplace, build technology relationships, and increase efficiencies in the manufacture of Blu-ray Disc products."

That sounds pretty good to me, especially the Beverly Hills Hotel part. Man, that is one fine hotel. Unfortunately, you have to be an industry insider to attend. Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), Variety, Video Business and Content Agenda are jointly sponsoring the event, and it's only open to DEG members, sponsors and invited guests. Ticket price is 325, and somehow I doubt they'll be available at TicketMaster . . .

Ron Sanders, President of DEG and Warner Home Video, commented, "This event is a call to action for the home entertainment community to share knowledge about Blu-ray's marketing success while focusing on new opportunities for Blu-ray in the future."

Great. I always appreciate calls to action. But what I really want to know is when we'll see lower player prices, and better BD-Live content. I also wouldn't mind seeing more music-only surround releases on Blu-ray.

Well, I'll go if they send me a ticket, and comp me a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Did I mention what a swell place that is? I mean, the pool area is to die for. -Ken C. Pohlmann