Blockbuster's Set-Top Box: Home for the Holidays

Is this yet another case of "too little, too late?" Blockbuster CEO/Chairman Jim Keyes made an interesting announcement during an investor call last week. Perhaps after seeing the reception that the Xbox 360 and Playstation made with their downloading capabilities, and the success that Netflix's Roku set-top box received with its new HD capabilities, Blockbuster is jumping into the movie-download-to-set-top-box business.

Well, putting a toe in to test the waters might be more accurate. There were no real details in his announcement, besides that they're aiming to have this in time for the holiday season. This is through their Movielink service. 

Interestingly . . .

Keyes said their DVD-by-mail (you mean, like Netfix?) business has been intentionally ignored, and he doesn't see it as a dominant growth engine. Really??? -Leslie Shapiro

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