Best Buy Offers Music Cloud

Cloud-based storage is clearly the trend of the year. Best Buy is the latest company to offer a cloud music player, joining Amazon, Apple, and Google.

The Best Buy Music Cloud uses a PC or Mac application which scans your iTunes library (though this is not specifically an Apple-related service). Then it accepts music uploads and streams them to computers or mobile devices, the latter including iOS, Android, or BlackBerry. You can upload playlists as well as music files.

The web player is free. If you want to add a phone to the account, the cost will be $3.99/month.

Exactly how much storage is offered remains unclear. We went as far as downloading and installing the application but even the player's own help menu doesn't provide that information.

The Best Buy Music Cloud is "powered" by Catch Media's Play Anywhere technology. While the Catch Media site is a wee bit scanty, here's a press release about the startup getting an investment from Motorola.

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