BenQ W10000 Front Projector: Coming Attraction

  • $8,999
  • 1920x1080 single-chip DLP
  • Key Connections: One HDMI input and two component inputs
Features We Like: 1080p single-chip DLP at a good price, Faroudja deintlerlacing with DCDi, motorized zoom, focus and vertical lens shift

Features We Miss: Even at this price for a 1080p DLP, more HDMI inputs are expected

BENQ is up to its old tricks here with the W10000 single-chip 1080p DLP projector. But that's A-OK with us since the trick is offering DLP projectors that compete with the big boys for a lot less money. The W10000 joins Optoma's H81 as one of the very few 1080p DLP projectors tipping the money scales at less than $10K.