Avatar Blu-ray Billows

Avatar will have gained some weight when its next 2D disc release arrives on November 16, just in time for the holidays.

The three-disc Avatar Extended Collector's Edition ($55, BD or DVD) will include three cuts: the original 2 hours, 45 minutes; the later special theatrical edition, and a new cut of nearly three hours with an alternative opening scene. There's also a fourth option with a family-friendly audio track that trims out some objectionable language.

Extras will include 45 minutes of deleted scenes and eight hours of other never-before-seen material. Of course that will include a making-of documentary, 17 in-production featurettes, and an interactive master class with director James Cameron.

Avatar has already been out on Blu-ray for several months in an edition that includes both BD and DVD. Like that older edition, the Avatar Extended Collector's Edition will be 2D. A 3D version will be released exclusively to buyers of Panasonic products in early December.

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