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Trinnov Adds Awesome Atmos Viewer to Processors
Trinnov Audio, the Paris-based maker of high-end audio processors, has announced the release of a free software upgrade for its Altitude16 and Altitude32 surround processors that enables an Object Viewer for Dolby Atmos that lets users “see into the mix.” The first-of-its-kind viewer displays the location of each sound “object” in real-time on the processor’s 3D Speaker Layout and Configuration screen. Depending on the mix, sound objects are displayed as fixed or moving spheres overlaid on a graphic representation of the listening room that shows speaker location. Speakers appear as cubes with colors that change in intensity according to sound level. Speakers can be hidden to make it easier to isolate sound objects, and a pause function lets the user freeze the display for closer analysis.

The software update also adds a “pulse” function that makes it possible to tweak individual speaker delays in increments of 0.1 milliseconds, which can be helpful in fine-tuning the match between subwoofers and main speakers. Trinnov says it takes about 10 minutes to download the software update. See the Object Viewer in action here. Visit trinnov.com for more information.

Wireworld Debuts 8K-Ready Fiber Cable
Improved image quality, extended range, long-term reliability, and a supported data rate up to 48 Gigabits per second (Gbps) is the promise behind Wireworld’s new fiber-optic HDMI cable. Dubbed Stellar, the cable is designed to overcome the limitations of copper cable, which is only able to support 48Gbps signals over lengths of “a few meters.”

Available in lengths up to 30 meters (98.4 feet), the fiber-optic cable meets the HDMI 2.1 spec for the transmission of 8K video with refresh rates up to 120 frames per second, according to Wireworld, even though the official HDMI spec tops out at 8K/60. The cable is said to support all HDMI 2.1 features and capabilities, including HDR10+, HDCP 2.3, Ethernet, eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel), and extended color depth.

Wireworld says Stellar cable is made using world-class parts, materials, and construction techniques to ensure “extreme reliability.” Its four optical fibers are OM3 laser-optimized grade with double-thick shielding reinforced with Kevlar for increased durability. Laser modules are made by America’s II-VI, a leading supplier of laser devices for demanding applications, and the driver chipset is produced by Germany’s Silicon-Line, a leader in microchip technology. To ease installation, the cable’s die-cast zinc plugs are only 0.7 inches wide so they can be pulled through common size electrical conduit. Stellar is also UL-CMP/FT6 plenum rated for residential and commercial installations.

Pricing is $450 for a 5-meter (16.4-foot) length, $500 for 10 meters, $550 for 15 meters, $600 for 20 meters, and $700 for 30 meters (98.4 feet). Visit wireworldcable.com for more information.

NAD Unleashes C298 Power Amp
Brute power from a standard size component is the promise of NAD’s new C298 amplifier, the brand’s third Class D amp to employ Purifi’s Eigentakt (self-clocking) technology, which aims to improve overall sound by focusing on “seemingly small non-linearities that, when corrected, can make a dramatic difference.” Rated output is 2 x 185 watts into 8 ohms and 2 x 340 watts into 4 ohms, with less than 0.005% total harmonic distortion (THD), both channels driven.

Thanks to its “highly efficient” power supply, the C298 is also able to accommodate instantaneous power demands up to 570 watts without distortion or compression, according to NAD. When bridged for mono operation via a rear-panel switch, the amp delivers a smokin’ 620 watts into 8 ohms with the same 0.005% THD spec.

The amplifier provides switchable balanced and unbalanced inputs with adjustable level and auto sensing plus a line-level output for daisy chaining and a ground terminal. The C298 is priced at $1,999 and slated to start shipping in October. Visit nadelectronics.com for more information.

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