Audyssey LFC Controls the Thunder

The bass rampaging out your subwoofer may be thrilling to you but not to your neighbor. Short of making major structural changes to your home, how can you remedy this awkward problem?

Meet Audyssey LFC. It pulls off a miracle, cutting the excessive low frequencies that plague your neighbor, but without removing bass perception in the room where the home theater system is operating.

Audyssey researched how bass interacts with cement and wood walls, identified problematic the frequency range, and came up with a process. Audyssey LFC dynamically monitors low frequencies and reduces the "offending" ones. At the same time, psychoacoustic processing restores low bass perception to those using the system. It's "a win-win situation for everyone," says Audyssey.

And it's not just vaporware. Look for the first Audyssey LFC licensed receivers in September 2011.

Audyssey also tackles problems associated with aggressive movie soundtracks through its Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume technologies, which make low volume listening more workable.

See Audyssey description and press release.