ATI AT6005 Amplifier Specs

Power Output: 5 x 300 watts (8 ohms, all channels driven), 5 x 450 watts (4 ohms, all channels driven)
Maximum THD: <0.05%
Analog Audio Inputs: RCA (5), balanced XLR (5)
Speaker Outputs: 5 pairs of binding posts
Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 17.25 x 9.5 x 18.5
Weight (Pounds): 116 Price: $6,395

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Holy hell--that's dead silent. I was perusing through prior HT mag, er, I mean sound and vision reviews and only the Brytston 9B SST2 came close.

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This amp cannot even reach is claimed rated load with all channels driven unless its at 1% which is hardly audiophile. For the same money you could buy a Emotiva XPR-5 which is 400 WPC X 5, a Emotiva XPR-2 which is 500 WPC X 2. Both of these amps have more power and lower SN ratios and distortion. There is still enough money left over to buy Emotiva's flagship made in USA Prepro, the XMC-1. What a 7.1 system for just the price of the 5 channel ATI amp. No brainer to me...

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Full power output for an amplifier like the AT6005 requires a high-power Variac (or in this case two Variacs) to insure line voltage remains at 120 volts. Otherwise the line voltage will sag and effect the measured output and THD.

Having seen many full power plots of our Signature amplifiers where supply voltage is properly maintained, the results reported here show reduced power output/increased THD due to sag in the line voltage.

When AC is properly maintained at 120 volts, these amps do achieve their rated THD and power output.

Jeff Hipps
Amplifier Technologies, Inc.

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What do you mean? Isn't two seperate 20amp outlet enough?

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For normal operation, even a single 20A circuit is sufficient.

It is only for performance verification and testing where the power supply voltage must be maintained at 120V that Variacs are necessary.


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How about those of us who rent and can't have a 120 line installed?

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Meant to say 20A, not 120.

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Dear great but...

In the vast majority of installations, the AT6002 will work perfectly with both cords plugged into a single 15A outlet--as you have in your apartment.

For example, we just ran our entire CES Auro-3D/Atmos demonstration which included 7000 watts of amplification on the two 15A circuits provided in our suite at the Venetian Hotel.