56 Days, and 6.8% Ain't Ready

You know the Nielson Co.?  You know, the folks who report on who's watching what? They have a new report out. With only 56 days until the digital transition, 6.8% of American households are completely unprepared.

The latest Nielsen report indicates that people are getting ready, just the rate is slowing.  In May, 10% weren't ready, in November, 7.4% weren't ready, and now, only 6% aren't ready.

There's an interesting "partially unready" component too.

10% of households have a digital TV in the house, but have others that will not work after the switch. Hispanic households are less ready overall. Across the nation, Albuquerque, NM is the least prepared, and Hartford-New Haven, Conn is the most prepared, with only 2% of households completely unready.

If you've been putting off getting your coupons for a converter box, get moving now. You can only apply for the coupons until December 31, and even if you apply today, it will take weeks for the coupons to get to you.

Are you ready? Let us know. -Leslie Shapiro

The Hollywood Reporter