$50 for Your Trouble

Claiming to share consumers' frustrations that they were asked to make a choice in a format war, Best Buy is placating HD DVD player customers who bought players or before  Feb. 23 fire sale prices with a $50 gift certificate. Best Buy will send out certificates to customers it identifies as having purchased an HD DVD player "or attachment."


If you bought an HD DVD player as part of the Best Buy Reward Zone Program, via Bestbuy.com or purchased an extended warranty through the company's Performance Service Plan program, you should automatically receive a gift card in the mail by May 1. Other Best Buy customers have to provide proof of purchase via credit card receipt or Best Buy receipt.

You keep the player--if you want it--but the retailer will also accept trade-ins on HD DVD movies and players beginning March 21 at the trade-in center at www.bestbuytradein.com. There you'll get the estimated value of the hardware and movies in Best Buy dollars. If you take the deal, you'll get a pre-paid shipping label along with an additional gift card as payment for the trade-in.

The company has committed more than $10 million to the program.--Rebecca Day