$5 Napster Subscription Is Bargain

The days when Napster was the world's largest free music library are long gone. Soon, though, it may become the world's cheapest legitimate music subscription service, with a new plan that asks consumers for a mere $5/month for five free tracks and a whole lot of streaming. That's hardly even lunch money!

What do you get for your five bucks? You can dive into Napster's seven-million-track library and stream your brains out. It's supposedly "CD quality." There are more than 60 ad-free radio stations, 1400 "expertly programmed playlists," "personalized recommendation tools," and hits from 50 years of Billboard charts. You'll also be entitled to download five MP3 files every month, with no DRM restrictions, and keep them forever. In a way, it's like buying a minimum of five tracks a month for a dollar each and getting free streaming in the bargain.

See press release, Napster.