2013 Highlights (and some things you may have missed)

It has been an interesting year for tech. Which is a pretty dumb thing to write, since every year is an interesting year for tech, and more interesting than the year before.

But a year is a lot to take in. So here are some highlights you may have missed.

First off, Sound & Vision merged with Home Theater magazine.

OLED is finally here. And we like it.

Which is good, because plasma is leaving. Well, Panasonic plasma anyway. And what a way to go.

They have a 4K tablet, which is very... large.

Don’t expect DisplayPort to catch on with TVs. We’ve got HDMI 2.0 to look forward to.

Brent wrote a superior screed on Who's to Say What "Accurate" Is? over at About.com.

He also did a huge test of $800 subwoofers and some awesome mini-speakers.

Lauren and I tried some... “unique” headphones.

She also checked out a brilliant blending of tech and music.

In my Bose QuietComfort20 review for Forbes, I said they have “the best noise cancelling performance of any headphone I’ve heard.”

Star Wars: Galaxies returned! Sort of...

I checked out some awesome sci-fi concept art.

This is one of my favorite articles no one read this year: LED vs CFL Bulbs: Color Temp, light spectrum, and more.

And I also found some travel tech worth checking out.

Input lag became something to check for.

And lastly, by far, the best, most important product we reviewed all year: