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Would You Buy an Apple Television?

Since Steve Jobs passed away, my inbox has been rife with rumors that his parting gift to the world will be a flat-panel television. Actually, this rumor has been circulating all year, especially since LG Electronics has announced it will launch a 55-inch OLED TV in 2012, and LG Display makes the screens for various Apple products. Now that would be something—a large OLED flat panel running iOS with all those apps and Siri voice command.

Of course, such a product from Apple—which many are calling iTV—will undoubtedly sport a gorgeous design, an elegant user interface, and an exorbitant price. So my question is, if you had the bucks, would you be among the first to buy a 55-inch OLED iTV?

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Would You Buy an Apple Television?

jnemesh's picture

I prefer to own a TV that serves as a monitor, NOT a digital content hub. If I want to access Apple content, I would buy an AppleTV (the little box, not the TV set). However, I am opposed to ANY platform that locks you into a single provider for content! I will NEVER buy ANY Apple product, EVER...not because their products are bad, they are actually quite good...but because of their corporate policies and practices which are all about padding Apple's bottom line, at the expense of their customers.

Actually, I would LOVE to see Apple launch this product, only to laugh at them while the product goes down in flames.

notabadname's picture

Yes, because Apple does have a reputation for releasing products that go down in flames.

jnemesh's picture

Hmmm...Newton, Pippin, Lisa, Apple IIgs, oh, and the current AppleTV. Just because they have had a good run lately doesnt mean that they can't fail! What's the phrase? "Past performance is not indicative of future results"?

notabadname's picture

Speakers on TVs are a waste, as are content hubs, at least for me. I will take a high-end monitor that gives the best possible PQ. My blu-ray or XBox is well suited for content, and I need them anyway. So why waste money on a redundant feature. Put that money into local dimming backlighting or higher refresh rates.

MatthewWeflen's picture

I chose "no" because of my conviction that it would be massively overpriced and unduly restrictive. Not to mention the fact that I have a 2010 Sony LCD with oodles of streaming content, as well as an HTPC, PS3 and networked Blu-Ray player.

I'll wait ten years and buy the version made by someone else, with twice the content, for half the price.

ByronServies's picture

Apple has a history of releasing more than one software update for their products before they become unsupported. I would buy an Apple TV for this alone, as it would separate them in a substantial way from current TV vendors.

Eagleshadow's picture

Owning a TV or monitor should be about using it as an entertainment appliance not a as a toy. Apple rarely releases a product without an "OOPS." Again I can use my computer or my android phone for internet content. What would it cost $10,000 ala Bang & Olufson?

moonsurf's picture

Is it me or your website? I just cannot find where to view the digital subscription anymore. Oh yes, I'm paying every month. Why is it so hard to get there????

Scott Wilkinson's picture
The digital subscription to HT is available using the Zinio app, not through the website directly. Do you have the Zinio app on the device you'd like to read HT on? If so, it should be easy to find the digital edition of HT through that.
Jarod's picture

I would of course have to first read a trusty review from home and/or the magazine before making my decision. : )

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Of course, no one knows how well an Apple iTV will be actually perform and what other features it might have. I'm just asking readers to speculate here. Naturally, we'll review it if and when it becomes available, along with any LG large-screen OLED TV. But hey, a 55-inch OLED with Siri seems mighty sweet to me, at least in concept.
punterjoe's picture

Part of Apple's legacy is showing others how something should be done. I'll let others be the first adopters, at the premium price, and wait for the competition to up their game before I buy.
Apple reminds me of a fashion label. Those who care and can afford it will buy the designer label - at the designer price, and have the pride of ownership. I have no problem waiting for everyone else to incorporate Apple's innovation into their own products, priced for people with other priorities. Everyone wins ...eventually.

unisenmedia's picture

Let me start off by saying that I am Android guy through and through which is why this is not to be taken lightly. I would buy an Apple iTV, not because I want the apps or the connectivity, but because Apple makes amazing quality displays. The first time you see an Apple Cinema Display, you will wonder why you even bother with any other monitor maker.

carl109's picture

It's only 24", and the panel is not even made by them, it's made by Samsung as far as I know. You also have to decide where you'd use the Apple TV, as being LCD it may not be ideal for a darkened cinema room, which would be my reason for buying a new and expensive display. I love the screen on my 21" iMac and it's amazing for editing photos and video, but with the lights down it's not comfortable to watch movies on, when I'll head to my Panasonic plasma.

carl109's picture

I love all my Apple stuff, but I think Apple doing an actual TV is a stupid idea because:
(1) They would be trying to break into a new market dominated by Panasonic, Sony, LG, Samsung, Phillips etc, all good products with loyal customers, who would happily stick with these brands.
(2) There's terribly low margins in selling TV's and people generally won't pay premium prices for TV's; just ask Pioneer! Apple work on BIG margins so I can't see them being happy.
(3) It will be too expensive for most of us. A 27" Thunderbolt-equipped display is $1200 here in Australia, so a TV is likely to be more, while for the same price I can buy a 50" Panasonic 3D plasma; no contest.
(4) It will be restricted; there's no way Apple would release a TV capable of accepting content from other sources than them. Their whole ecosystem is designed to channel us into buying everything from Apple, and it wouldn't surprise me if an Apple TV didn't have any HDMI ports, but just ethernet and wifi to connect direct to iTunes and iCloud.
We'll see...

niloxdan's picture

I'm sure it will be a " huge "product (iPad in steroids)
But is too soon to decide if I will chose an Apple TV over Sony

Claro que seria un "gran" producto (iPad en esteroides)
Pero es muy pronto en decidir si escojeria un Apple TV enves de Sony

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