Samsung HT-Q70 HTIB

  • $400
  • XM ready
  • Optional module available for wireless surround channels
The HT-Q70 is a step up from the HT-Q45 that convergence editor Chris Chiarella reviewed in our September 2006 issue. While the looks of the ensemble are virtually identical, there are significant upgrades behind the scenes. The total power output has gone up to 1,000 watts (from 800 watts in the HT-Q45). More importantly, at least for the home theater aspect, the player is a five-disc-carousel DVD changer and sports upconversion and an HDMI output (up to 1080i). The player can read CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, and DVD-RW. On the front of the player is a USB port for utilizing Samsung's USB Host Play. This allows you to plug a portable digital device into the port and play back MPEG video, as well as MP3, DivX, WMA, JPEG, and photo files.

There are two optional additions to the HT-Q70 that make it even more inviting. The unit is XM Satellite Radio ready. Attach a Connect & Play antenna and set up a subscription to XM to gain access to the XM Satellite universe. The system is also wireless-surround-channel ready. With the add-on of a wireless surround-channel module, there need be no more wires running under your feet as you sit on the couch.