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What Is Your Main Speaker Configuration?

Last week, I asked about your main video display. But as all enthusiasts know, video is only half of the home-theater experience—the other half is audio. Most home-theater content is created for a surround-sound system, usually with five main speakers (front left, center, right, plus two surround speakers at the sides of the listening area) and a subwoofer, which is designated as "5.1." Other configurations include 6.1 (5.1 with one extra surround speaker at the back of the room), 7.1 (5.1 with two additional surround speakers in back), 9.1 (7.1 with extra speakers above or outside the main front left and right), and even 11.1 (7.1 with the addition of both "height" and "wide" front speakers, depicted above).

At the other end of the spectrum are systems that include only two speakers with or without a sub (2.1 or 2.0, respectively) or maybe three front speakers (left, center, right) and a sub, which is designated as 3.1. Finally, many folks, especially those with their main system in a small room, opt for a soundbar—a long, thin cabinet with several speaker drivers that, in some cases, simulates the sound of a surround system and might or might not include a separate subwoofer.

So I ask you—what is the speaker configuration in your main system? Some elaborate systems might have more than one subwoofer, in which case, select the option that reflects the number of main speakers. Then, I really hope you'll leave a comment describing your speaker system, including brand, models, and placement.

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What Is Your Main Speaker Configuration?