What weighs 125 pounds, has seven channels, and needs two power cords?

Outlaw Audio took the wraps off the company's latest and most powerful amplifier, the 7900, which is rated at 7 x 300 watts continuous into 8 ohms and 7 x 450 watts into 4 ohms. At 125 pounds (56.6990463 kilograms), the amp weighs just a couple of pounds more than former talk-show host Ricki Lake's new bod (US Magazine says she went from size 24 to 4 without surgery). Unlike Ms. Lake, the 7900 eats so much electricity, it uses two separate power cords. Outlaw Audio suggests you plug it in to two different outlets, so make sure you have an extra-long extension cord. In addition to the price of the extension cord, figure on spending $3,500 for the 7900.

Outlaw also showed off the new Outlaw LCR speaker ($700, shipping in September). The speaker is built with two crossovers. One of the crossovers is for use when the speaker is installed as a vertical left or right main speaker. In this configuration, the speaker operates as a standard two-way. When used as a center channel speaker, the other crossover can be engaged, making the speaker a 2 1/2-way design. This setup helps eliminate lobing and can also be used to help direct sound into specific listening areas of the room when you have installation placement issues.