Crushed By Cinepro

Cinepro was here at HE 2007, and had everyone talking about its demo. And talking loudly, because after hearing the Cinepro Mighty surround system odds are you weren't hearing anything else unless you'd brought earplugs too!

The most effective demonstrations tell you what you're going to hear, and then deliver it in spades. Cinepro told us that SMPTE specs recommend high SPLs, with a ton o' dynamic headroom, and that to do that properly requires a ton o' power. And that's exactly what the Mighty surround system did. I've had my pant legs ruffled by subwoofers moving air before, but the Mighty system ruffled my shirt cuffs, lapels and anything else that wasn't tied down! Wow.

This 7.1-channel system was comprised of a DTP-8 processor, two 3k6 Mk5 power amplifiers, one Evo Mighty Center speaker, six Evo Mighty Powershelf speakers and two 15" Isobarik subs. The Powershelf speakers are interesting in being real bookshelf speakers that play crazy loud without dynamic compression, but are just 5" in depth, lending to flat screen TV applications. I can't listen that loudly, but if you can and do, call these guys!