A Seminar Too Far

I counted almost twenty questions in the one hour ask the editors session on HDTV. That's Geoff, Tom and Shane up there looking like Sadam's jury. The questions dealt with high definition TV, as expected, and overflowed to the high def format war, also unavoidable. Attempts to close us down before our full hour was up were, shall we say, unsuccessful.

What's driving HDTV sales, is it high def TV or one of the high format disc formats? Answer: mostly HDTV at this point.

What's going on with the format war? Answer: $300 Blu-ray players from Sony by Christmas, but even cheaper HD players from China even sooner, so, we'll see!

What kind of antenna is best for over the air high definition reception in "my" area? Answer: check www.antennaweb.org.

What's the latest with HDMI? Answer: wait, wait, there's a new revision coming.

Does anyone make a passive HDMI switcher so I don't have to have my receiver on to watch TV? Answer: Nope, HDMI requires active circuitry.

There are lots more, and the answers were certainly more involved than I've presented, but we think everybody enjoyed the session.