Rives Audio

Rives Audio is repeating a demonstration that was a hit at last year's show in Los Angeles. Two rooms are set up with near identical systems. One room is completely untreated, the other uses a variety of acoustical treatment devices plus electronic equalization of the bass (using two Rives Sub-PARCs and extra amps to support the equalizers). The speakers in both rooms are Talon Thunderhawks ($25,000/pair), the amplifier the VAC Alpha Integrated ($10,000, an all-tube design with 100Wpc), and the CD player the Wadia 580i ($9450).

Running such an experiment involves an intimidating number of variables: playback levels, the synchronization of the program material so that when you shift rooms you are not listening to an entirely different piece of music, , the number of listeners in each room, and the seating position of the listener. So when I say that I wasn't sure which room I liked the best overall, except perhaps in the bass, that's only a reflection on the length of time it takes to do such a comparison. I hope to check it out again tomorrow, if there's time.