How SCB Rolls, Part 2

Pictured here is the Vandersteen Model 5A, which is my reference loudspeaker. This pair is finished in striking carbon fiber. This speaker has bult-in powered subs and an 11-band EQ that allows its response to be tailored for flat response below 20Hz in virtually any room. This also allows you to put the speakers out in the room where they image best without sacrificing bass response as is typical as you move out from the room boundaries.

At HE 2007, as driven with the aforementioned ARC tube gear sounded fantastic. It was explosive, with powerful bass response and impact, but it was also balanced, natural and not at all overblown. The imaging was spacious and dimensional but also precise and utterly convincing. And the natural life and decay was sensational.

Yeah, I'm enthusiastic about these products from ARC and Vandersteen- so much so that I spent my own money (and a good chunk of it at that) to own them. So, if they're good enough for me I'm betting some of you might be impressed as well.