What Kind of TV Do You Plan to Buy Next?

When it comes to TV, we’ve never had it so good. So many options and so many picture-enhancing technologies to choose from in screen sizes from medium to mondo (small is not in the S&V lexicon) at prices that can satisfy any budget. From 1080p to 4K/Ultra to OLED, there’s no shortage of models to mull with screens that are flat, curved, and/or super thin. All of which brings us to our poll question: When it’s time to upgrade, what kind of TV do you plan to buy? Leave a comment and tell us about your next TV.
What Kind of TV Do You Plan to Buy Next?
Ultra HD LED/LCD TV with a flat screen
28% (592 votes)
Ultra HD LED/LCD TV with a curved screen
3% (60 votes)
1080p OLED TV (curved screen)
4% (73 votes)
Ultra HD OLED (curved screen)
19% (395 votes)
1080p LED/LCD TV is good enough for me
10% (217 votes)
I love my plasma TV and plan to stick with it for the foreseeable future
36% (747 votes)
Total votes: 2084

Old Ben's picture

I don't see upgrading beyond my current 1080P Kuro plasma until I'm ready for a front projector and screen. Like many people, the benefits of Ultra HD are not there for screen sizes I can use is a room that has multiple uses (i.e., a living room that isn't a dedicated home theater). Additionally, even if I had that room, I wouldn't bother with the upgrade until the specs for Ultra HD are locked down completely and standard on all sets.

utopianemo's picture

You can read the post preceding mine and you'd know my sentiments exactly. I have a standard Samsung 64" plasma, and I have no intention of upgrading until projectors come out that are 4K, have at least a P-3 color gamut, HDCP 2.2, and High dynamic range.....at under $4K.

notabadname's picture

Perhaps give the selections for "What TV would you buy next" and then an alternative, to purchase choices such as "I am keeping my current TV for the foreseeable future" If you are giving a "I love my plasma TV and plan to stick with it for the foreseeable future" option, than you may want to also give a choice or choices for those without plasmas that have no intent to purchase in the foreseeable future. The only thing a skewed poll like this makes clear: the poll-poster owns a plasma.

Sicride's picture

I am waiting for a 50" OLED flat screen. I prefer Ultra HD for the colors but I will settle for first 50" OLED flat screen under $1500

Traveler's picture

Until there is a lot more 4K content, I'll stick with my 60" plasma (assuming it keeps working). For my next set I'd like a 65" 4k OLED.

dnoonie's picture

I'm still very happy with my 60" Kuro for now so it'll likely be 3 years before I'd consider the Flat 4k OLED 70" to 76".

technobabble's picture

Why is ultra oled only curved screen on this list? I'll wait for flat, and prices to drop.

EnergySpeakerFanatic's picture

VT60 baby!

frarev's picture

I have a 10 years old Pioneer Plasma.... I will change it only for a FLAT oled.

WildGuy's picture

I will vote 4K OLED Flat screen TV but there is no flat screen option so i vote curved screen for the heck of it. But i won't upgrade anytime soon though until the prices of oled tv drop dramatically and in flat screen, i will likely upgrade. Which might take at least 2 to 3 years from now for the prices to fall to afffordable level for me.

FrakU's picture

"Curved panel" TV's are as useless as a tv without 3D! Let me be clear here: I will buy nothing less than an OLED, HDCP compliant, HDR enabled 3D, 4K "flat panel" tv, with as little smart streaming (substandard) crap as possible. I'll start looking 3 from now when all of these things become standard fair.

And for the love of god people - stop saying "flat screen"! They are flat panels.

specialk's picture

It's quite obvious by the comments that there is a glaring omission in your list.

Flat 4K OLED. It's the only way to go.

Until prices come down a little, I'll stick with my Panasonic plasma thank you.

technobabble's picture

I would have said I'd stick with my Plasma but ... I've got a Samsung POS with the black line problem. It started right after 3 years so no warranty support. I'm up to 5 black lines now on the top third of the screen. I'll be buying 4K FLAT OLED as soon as it drops below $5K, but likely not from Samsung.