What’s Your Top AV Gift Pick for 2014?

Americans love technology. So much so that four out of ten U.S. shoppers bought or planned to buy electronics goodies over the Thanksgiving shopping weekend, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. How about you? Did you hunker down on the sofa and scour the Web for the craziest deals or brave the malls? Either way, take a moment to select your top AV gift pick for the 2014 holiday season. And if your perfect gift isn’t on our list, post a comment to enlighten us. Happy shopping!
What’s Your Top AV Gift Pick for 2014?
AV receiver
14% (119 votes)
Blu-ray box set
4% (34 votes)
4K/Ultra HDTV
22% (193 votes)
Game console
7% (62 votes)
HDTV (1080p LCD/LED)
4% (38 votes)
9% (80 votes)
Home theater speaker system
7% (56 votes)
Music box set
1% (7 votes)
15% (130 votes)
Portable wireless/Bluetooth speaker
3% (24 votes)
2% (20 votes)
Streaming media player (Roku, etc.)
5% (43 votes)
6% (53 votes)
Total votes: 859