Western DigitalWD TV Play Media Player Specs

Dimensions (W x H x D, Inches): 4.13 x 1.07 x 4.17
Weight (Ounces): 5.1
Price: $70

Outputs: Video: HDMI (1), composite video (1)
Audio: Optical digital (1) Additional: Ethernet (1), USB 2.0 (1)

Company Info
Western Digital
(949) 672-7000

Western Digital
(949) 672-7000

Billy's picture

I picked up one of these last year, over all very pleased. I have far too many DVDs in my basement theater room so I burned a bunch of my favorites on a few large external HDs and watch them in the bedroom with this. A poor mans Kaleidescape, or so to speak. Easy to use my smart phone with a free app to control it anywhere in the house (I have it on my network so I can watch it on any screen in the house). Even on my ten foot screen in the theater the picture is indistinguishable from the original DVD. (I burn bit for bit Video TS files) I haven't burned any Blurays to play on it yet but I imagine they will look great too. The only problem I see is that on several TB sized HDs the navigation gets a little slow, but not a deal breaker. Some of us live in the middle of nowhere and have quite poor internet speeds so the streaming isn't even an option for us. WD should promote this more as a media server vs a streamer.