A Visit to Sound+Vision Radio

If you haven’t listened to the brilliant Sound+Vision Radio program, you’re missing out. I say “brilliant” not in a self-serving, egomaniacal way.

Wait, of course that’s why I’m mentioning it. But don’t let my ego prevent you from enjoying the witty banter and in-depth discussions of all things A/V, music, movies and more.

Links to local affiliates where you can hear us, plus podcast links and such, after the jump.

Hosted by Mike Etchart, and featuring regular commentary by Brent, myself, and many much more awesome folks, the 2-hour show (syndicated all around the country; you can find a PDF with a list of affiliate stations on the site) is filled with nuggets of information like “Is that Duran Duran?” and “Why does Geoff think that’s Duran Duran?” Other, less pedantic, topics include discussions of recent reviews, AV news, and new releases of movies, music, and games.

If you don’t have a local affiliate (or even if you do), you can download the podcast from iTunes, or, if you like, grab it directly from Feedburner

Please enjoy all the A/V radio goodness. In the mean time, you can enjoy this picture of Mike and Brent in the studio: