Toshiba Cinema Series Pro 47LZ196 Flat Panel: First Look

Price: $3,899
Technology: LCD
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 47"
Inputs: Dual HDMI inputs, Ethernet THINC ports, PC input
Highlights: Full 1080p resolution, accepts 1080p inputs signals, 12-bit signal processing, OTA, QAM and CableCARD HD tuners, ability to view JPEGs and listen to MP3 files

Toshiba chose CEDIA 2006 to introduce a new flagship line within its REGZA series of LCD flat panels, dubbed as Cinema Series Pro. These new 1080p LCDs are available in 42" and 47" screen sizes, and feature slick, gloss black cosmetics and employ virtually every trick in the flat panel book known to Toshiba's engineers. It will also feature a more limited distribution, as befitting a premium product. Shipping nowSony .