Hitachi 42HDX99 Flat Panel:First Look

Price: $3,499
Technology: Plasma Display Panel
Resolution: 1024x1080
Size: 42"
Inputs: Three(!) HDMI inputs and three component inputs, IEEE 1394
Highlights: Full 1080 vertical resolution, three HDMI and three component inputs, Natural Color Deep Black Anti-Reflective screen, Over-the-Air and cableCARD HD tuners, dynamic day and night memory modes with timer

Hitachi thinks this plasma is so good they've glossed it with the monikers of three different lines: UltraVision CineForm Director's Series. Whatever it's called, be assured that Hitachi has thrown everything it has into the 42HDX99. It's loaded with terrific connectivity, high resolution, and although it doesn't get to a full 1920 pixels across, it does offer 1080o vertical pixels negating the need for vertical downconversion from 1080i or 1080p sources. In addition, while Hitachi [plasmas are known for offeing high light output, this plasma is outfitted with a screen that absorbs ambient room light for richer blacks and better color. Available in August.