Sharp AQUOS LC-57D90U Flat Panel:First Look

Price: $15,999
Technology: LCD
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 57"
Inputs: One HDMI and one DVI input, two i.LINK IEEE 1394 inputs, two component inputs
Highlights: BIG LCD panel with full 1080p resolution, Over-the-Air and cableCARD HD tuners, five-wavelength backlight system for improved color space

This super-sized LCD panel is more of a technology showcase than a real product, as the price indicates. We're still getting a handle on LCD's capabilities in these larger sizes, for in the past we've seen dramatically higher prices and diminished performance in black levels and response time with the larger screen sizes. Still, LCD produces bright, sharp pictures that hang on the wall, and how can we not be intrigues by such big panel with 1080p resolution? Available now.