TiVo Roamio Pro DVR Specs

Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 16.9 x 1.5 x 17.1
Weight (Pounds): 3
Video Outputs: HDMI 1.4a (1), component video (1), composite video (1)
Audio Outputs: Optical digital (1), analog stereo audio (1)
Additional: Ethernet (1), USB (2), eSATA (1), RF cable (MOCA-compatible), CableCARD slot
Price: $599, subscripton extra

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I'm not sure what you had for your last cable receiver, but would you say that the processors in the roamio are an improvement in picture quality and sound compared to D-tv rec.Thanks

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I guess you have to weigh what's more important to you--money or more shows/flashy interface. What TiVo provides is nice, but you still can't ditch your cable subscription. Plus, cable companies (Cox, anyway) will charge a fee for "installing" the CableCARD, the monthly fee you have to pay to keep the CableCARD and the cost of a new subscription for TiVo (monthly or one time) and you're forking out more bucks than you were to begin with. No thank you. TV is just not that important to me--I think I can live with my current DVR and find other things to do with the money I saved by not having this new TiVo in my life.