Sure Universal Remote App Review

The greatest app I have on my phone, at least that’s not messaging or cute dog related, is the Sure Universal remote app.

And let me be clear, I don’t use it at home at all. I think smartphone remote apps are a poor substitute to something with actual buttons.

No, I love the Sure app because it gives the gift of silence. Or at least, the drastic reduction in noise. Here’s why.

The App

We should discuss up front that most of you won't be able to use the Sure app. For it to function in any useful way, you need an IR emitter built into your phone. A lot of the Samsung Galaxy phones have this, as well as those on this list. I’d be surprised if you had a phone with an IR emitter and you didn’t know it was there, but hey, checking the list is only a click away.

If you’re still reading I’m going to guess you either have a phone with an emitter, or are thinking of getting one. Super. Here’s why this app is cool.

The Gift of Silence

The app is pretty simple to set up, and that’s the beauty of it. Pick the type of remote control you need, either IR or WiFi. There aren’t many devices that work via WiFi, and for what I’m interested in using the remote for, IR is the only way to go.

Next you select the type of device. We’re going to pick “TV” and by now I’m guessing a lot of you have already figured out where I’m going with this.

Next you get a list of brands. These are listed in roughly an order of popularity, with Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic at the top.

OK, so here’s where I get to the point. Restaurants, bars, waiting rooms, seemingly everywhere these days there’s a TV blaring some nonsense or other. From mindless reality shows to 24h news networks spewing their vile and hate. I just want to eat my damn taco without drowning in the misery that is reality in 2017.

So, yep, you’ve figured out what I’m proposing. Figure out what the brand of the TV is, and select that from the list. From here you’re given a remote layout. Since not every TV has the same IR codes, you’re told to try the “buttons” and see if they work. You might have to scroll through a few different options before you find one that works.


Use your powers for good, not evil. Just turn down the volume. Don’t turn off the TV, or change the channel. Don’t make this annoying for the people who work wherever you are. If people are actually watching the TV, leave it alone. I am ONLY proposing this if the TV is annoying everyone and entertaining no one. Be a positive force.

With great IR power comes great responsibility.

Sure Universal Remote on the Google Play Store