Sony XBR-55HX950 3D LCD HDTV Specs

Type: LCD
Screen Size (diagonal, inches): 54.6
Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080
3D: Yes
HD Tuners: OTA
Backlight: Backlit LED (local dimming)
Wall Mount or Stand Included?: Stand
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 50.5x 30.5 x 2 (without stand); 50.5 x 32.75 x 14.7 (with stand)
Weight (pounds): 58.9 (without stand); 65.2 (with stand)
Price: $3,500

Inputs: Video: HDMI (4), PC D-sub 15-pin analog RGB (1), component video (1), composite video (2, 1 shared audio with component), cable/antenna (1)
Audio: Stereo analog (2), PC/HDMI 2 (L/R minijack)
Outputs: Audio: TosLink optical digital (1)
Additional: USB (2) /DLNA, LAN Audio Return Channel (ARC)

Company Info
(877) 865-SONY

(877) 865-SONY

aleksandr's picture

wow better than VT50 ... Tom can you say than 950 is a KURO Killer?

kent harrison's picture

Its is not best television this year,it could the fourth best,plus there prone for ghosting effects in 3d,i like vt-50 from panasonic is much better.

Rob Sabin's picture
this year by far, and one that comes close to Sharp Elite performance at a much lower price. And I should point out that 3D, with the recommended alternative (and cheaper) Sony glasses, was very good, with ghosting not fully eliminated but largely tamed compared with Sony's usual recommended glasses. I would not be so quick to say it's NOT better than the Panasonics, but there are trade offs either way. The Panasonic plasmas still represent the better value.
kent harrison's picture

Some of us don't agree with you,but thats your opinion.

marcin.mycek's picture

Hi All,

thank you for very interesting review
thanks to it I have decided to buy SONY 955 and I AM VERY SATISFIED

I have tried your setting and all looks very good
thank you again for it

but I still need two points - what would you like to recommend for:
1) Contrast
2) Reality Creation

best Marcin