Sony XBR-55HX950 3D LCD HDTV Settings


Unit-to-unit sample variations, the viewing environment, and the source might render these recommendations less than optimum. They are provided only as a potentially useful starting place.

The settings here that are most likely to translate reliably from one sample to another are those involving specific features with only a few setting options, such as Color Gamut, Gamma, and Noise Reduction. The ones most likely to be subject to sample variations are video controls offering a wide range of settings. This will be particularly true for color temperature, white balance, and color management adjustments (where available).

We strongly recommend that you find the optimum basic video settings for your sample by using one of the many display setup DVDs that are available, such as Digital Video Essentials (DVD) or DVE HD Basics (Blu-ray). A full calibration, particularly of the gray scale and color gamut, is best left to a trained and properly equipped technician such as those certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) or THX.

2D 3D
Picture Mode: Custom Custom
Scene Select Auto Auto
Backlight: 4 Max (fixed)
Picture: 70 Max (fixed)
Brightness: 53 50
Color: 53 50
Hue: 0 0
Color Temperature: Warm 2 Warm 2
Sharpness: 50 50
Noise Reduction: Off Off
MPEG Noise Reduction Off Off
Dot Noise Reduction Off Off
Smooth Gradation Off N/A
Motionflow Off Standard
CineMotion: Auto 1 Auto 1
Advanced Settings
Black Corrector: Off Off
Advanced Contrast Enhancer: Off Off
Gamma: -1 -1
LED Dynamic Control Standard Standard
Auto Light Limiter: Off N/A
Clear White: Off Off
Live Color: Off Off
White Balance:
Red Gain: -6 0
Green Gain: -2 0
Blue Gain: 0 0
Red Offset -1 0
Green Offset: -1 0
Blue Offset: -1 0
Detail Enhancer Off Off
Edge Enhancer Off Off
Skin Naturalizer --- ---
i/p Conversion Preference --- ---
Screen: Display Area Full Pixel Full Pixel
3D Settings All Default
Ambient Sensor Off Off
Pro Picture
HDMI Dynamic Range Auto Auto
Color Matrix Auto Auto
SBM Off Off
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aleksandr's picture

wow better than VT50 ... Tom can you say than 950 is a KURO Killer?

kent harrison's picture

Its is not best television this year,it could the fourth best,plus there prone for ghosting effects in 3d,i like vt-50 from panasonic is much better.

Rob Sabin's picture
this year by far, and one that comes close to Sharp Elite performance at a much lower price. And I should point out that 3D, with the recommended alternative (and cheaper) Sony glasses, was very good, with ghosting not fully eliminated but largely tamed compared with Sony's usual recommended glasses. I would not be so quick to say it's NOT better than the Panasonics, but there are trade offs either way. The Panasonic plasmas still represent the better value.
kent harrison's picture

Some of us don't agree with you,but thats your opinion.

marcin.mycek's picture

Hi All,

thank you for very interesting review
thanks to it I have decided to buy SONY 955 and I AM VERY SATISFIED

I have tried your setting and all looks very good
thank you again for it

but I still need two points - what would you like to recommend for:
1) Contrast
2) Reality Creation

best Marcin