SIMply 2 Impressive

SIM2 Multimedia teamed up with Krell Industries for an elaborate AV demo featuring 3D via SIM 2's Grand Cinema C3X LUMIS 3D projector. Or should I say projectors. This setup uses two Grand Cinema C3X Lumis 2D projectors, each of them 3-chip DLPs, one for each eye image, linked together electronically for synchronization and mounted together on a rigid mount for proper physical registration (as shown in the photo, $79,995 for the projector pair and mounting). This 2-projector is said to help compensate for the loss of effective brightness inherent in 3D. Current owners of a C3X Lumis can send it in to be converted to the 3D version, at a price to cover the cost of the second projector and the needed modifications.

The picture was excellent, though possibly because the Black Eyed Peas concert scenes shown in 3D were of little interest to me I was more impressed with the second projector demoed, the $29,995 C3X Lumis Uno shown on a 129" wide, Screen Research screen, gain 1.0. The Uno is also a 3-chip DLP, using TI's largest 0.95" DLP chip. The Krell audio system consisted of three Modulari Duo speakers up front ($32,500 each), two Modulari Primos in the rear ($20,000/pair), The Master Reference subwoofer ($50,000) and an electronics package costing north of $110,000. It included Krell's top pre-pro, monoblock amps, and Blu-ray player.