Wisdom Audio STS Subwoofer

New at CEDIA from Wisdom Audio was the STS passive subwoofer with dual 15-inch drivers. At five feet tall and three feet wide, it looks huge next to the SWS "suitcase" sub as seen here, but it's actually surprisingly small for what it does—130dB SPL at 20Hz (-3dB at 15Hz) with a sensitivity of 101dB/W/m and the ability to handle power up to 5kW!

Such high output and sensitivity is due to Wisdom's Regenerative Transmission Line (RTL) technology, in which the driver's backwave passes through a long, folded conduit and emerges in phase with the frontwave, reinforcing it to produce higher output levels with lower distortion. Another unique feature is an output port that can be configured to fire from the front or side of the cabinet, making placement more flexible.

The demo said it all. During the scene in Up when Carl, Russell, Kevin, and Dug are being chased by Muntz's dogs, they knock over large stone towers, which crash with lots of low-frequency energy. The STS reproduced these sounds beautifully without overpowering the rest of the soundtrack.