Stewart Couture Collection Screen Frames

Stewart Filmscreen is well known in our industry as a pre-eminent provider of projection screens, but its name recognition does not extend as far into the design community and even less into the general public. So Stewart has teamed up with Swarovski, a world-renowned supplier of decorative glass crystal, to create the Couture Collection of fixed screen frames in which tiny Swarovski crystals are embedded.

Of course, most UAV readers would scoff at such bling surrounding a projection screen. But Stewart insists that it needn't interfere with the image if the screen material and environment are specified correctly, especially since there's a black border between the frame and screen itself.

As you might imagine, a Couture Collection frame is available in a wide variety of colors. And the cost? An 82-inch-diagonal, 16:9 frame with Studiotek 130 material is about $11,000. But hey, that could be a small price to pay for the wife's acceptance of a high-quality projection screen dominating one wall of the theater room.