Sieveking Sound Omega Headphone Stand

Most high-end headphones come with a case or at least a pouch of some kind, but if you're constantly putting them on and taking them off, that kind of storage can get tedious. But, the Omega Headphone Stand solves that problem, offering an extremely beautiful and practical - if expensive - option. Each stand is steam molded into a shape designed to prevent the headband from stretching. The flat surfaces on the side put uniform pressure on the ear cups so the padding doesn't get lumpy and dented over time, which can happen, even if you store the cups flush against one another.

There are four different finishes available, including Walnut, Cherry, Maple and the ultra-sexy Zebrano. Each one currently costs $179 and comes with a flannel pouch that also acts like a dust cover when your headphones are mounted up. According to the site, they're plenty big enough to accomodate even the most enormous headphones, so there's no worry about your Sennheiser HD 800s hanging over the edges.

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