Runco D-73d 3D DLP Projector

Runco had a lot to talk about at its press conference, starting with the D-73d 3D projector. As you can see, it looks like two stacked projectors, but the Runco rep insisted that it's one projector with dual single-chip DLP imaging and LED light engines, an approach Runco calls Constant Stereoscopic Video (CSV). Unlike most 3D displays out there today, this one uses circular polarization, which means it needs a special silver screen that the company certifies under its PISCES (Polarized Image Sequence Conservation and Enhancement Standard) program. The high-end polarized glasses are called PreciseLight and can be made as clip-ons and even prescription as well as conventional.

With two completely separate projection engines, the D-73d displays the left and right images at the same time, not sequentially. Also, it offers more brightness, though that advantage is mitigated by the use of LED illumination.

The demo included 16:9 clips from Alice in Wonderland, the Masters golf tournament, and shots from a documentary about photographing the Grand Canyon (the last two from a broadcast source), and 2.35:1 clips from Avatar and Monsters vs Aliens using the dual CineWide with AutoScope anamorphic lens system. The screen was 12 feet wide with a gain of 10 (!) from a Korean company called Mocomtech. All in all, it looked quite good, though the colors might have been a bit oversaturated, especially the green grass as Tiger Woods missed a putt.