Roku Streaming HDMI Stick Specs

Length/Width: 3.1 x 1.1 inches
Height: 0.5 inches
Connections: HDMI

Company Info
(888) 600-7658

(888) 600-7658

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This would be a great device, if only it were compatible with my Harmony Ultimate.

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If you have a 5.1 sound system, can you just plug the stick in the receiver HDMI input to get full 5.1?

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As originally commented on, this line read: "It’s also capable of 7.1 and 5.1 surround pass-through to accommodate Vudu HDX movies and other content carrying these soundtracks, though you’ll be relying on your HDTV's optical audio output to port the sound to your AV receiver or soundbar. Relatively few HDTVs pass more than a two-channel stereo signal from their digital audio output."

I added the last part of this sentence in the role of Barb's editor to provide a reminder to readers of this limitation on the audio outputs of most HDTV's. However, it does seem logical that you could plug this into any AVR's HDMI input the way you would a standalone Roku streaming box and pick up the multichannel feed that way via HDMI. I've asked for confirmation on this just to be sure, but in the meantime, the comment still applies for routing signals from the Stick to any powered soundbar that lacks HDMI inputs, probably a large number of them in the field to date. I've altered the text accordingly. Thanks for the catch.

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My Panasonic S60 streams 5.1 audio via the optical out from both it's built in streaming player and USB media player app. Should I assume it would do the same when using the Roku stick? Also, I read a review on this device on Tom's guide and they mention that you can plug it into your AVR's HDMI input.


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Just to be clear-- YES, the Roku HDMI can be connected to an AVR HDMI directly and it works perfectly. When it was connected to the Sony Bravia TV, I connect the receiver using the HDMI ARC connection which has been available on TVs for a while. The receiver reads that it is 5.1 and the sound is great.