Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Report, Part 2: Speakers, Amps, and More

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is growing up. A few years ago, it was known as a gathering of small (sometimes one-man) companies demonstrating exotic (sometimes downright wacky) audio products. Some of those guys are still there, but so now are most of the better-known high-end audio companies. RMAF is even attracting a few mainstream manufacturers. One of the best demos I heard was from Polk Audio, playing the company’s $3,999/pair LSiM707 tower speaker driven by Bel Canto electronics.

I’ve already reported on CanJam, the headphone show that accompanies RMAF. Now I’ll turn my attention to regular ol’ hi-fi gear: speakers, amps, turntables, etc.

What you see in this photo essay is just what I found the most interesting. I couldn’t even come close to hearing all the systems exhibited at the two-and-a-half-day show, and I missed all but one of the show’s panel discussions. I’ll confess, too, that I’m a little speaker-obsessed. So if you attended RMAF and saw something cool that I didn’t include here, let us know in the comments section.