Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 Report: Best Speakers

If you’re looking to hear the latest speakers, there’s no better place to go than Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Last weekend’s show was packed with new speakers, ranging from bookshelf designs to huge towers, budget models to budget-busting models, and ordinary to exotic.

All hi-fi shows include lots of small boutique speakers from companies unknown outside audiophile circles, but RMAF is unusual in that it’s big enough to add mainstream companies like Polk, Monitor Audio, Sony, and KEF. While local dealers often set up and run the demos at regional shows, the manufacturers themselves usually handle the task at RMAF. Thus, there’s a good chance you can actually meet the engineer who designed the speaker you’re thinking about buying.

Here are some of the speakers that caught my attention at the show. Need headphones, too? Check out Monday’s coverage of the latest cans from RMAF. A report on audio electronics from RMAF is in the works for later this week.