Review: Pro-Ject RM-1.3 turntable Page 2


Assembly of the RM-1.3 is complicated but not difficult. There are eight parts to put together. Using the supplied interconnects and grounding cable, I connected the RM-1.3 to an NAD PP-3 phono preamp. I then connected the phono pre to a Krell S-300i integrated amp.

You'll need to set the tracking force using the supplied balance scale, a procedure that's well explained in the manual. I was annoyed, though, that the manual tells you to place the stylus on the scale's 17.5 millinewtons (1.75 grams) mark even though there is no such mark. Split the difference between the 15 and 20 mN marks and you'll be fine.

Because only a thin rubber pad separates the motor from the surface below it, the motor's vibrations will be transferred into that surface - so that surface better be a stable, non-resonating one. I got audible motor hum when I placed the RM-1.3's motor on the heavy glass top shelf of my Lovan rack, a problem that never emerged with my Pro-Ject One. However, adding a few clear plastic bumpers between the glass shelf and the metal stand fixed the problem.