PSB VisionSound Series VS400/VS300 Surround Speaker System Manufacturer's Response

Manufacturer's Response


Thank you for being brave enough to "dip your toes" into the category of Architectural Speakers with our VisionSound 300 and 400. As you figured out in the end, PSB's approach to this product category is for the customer that wants great sound — but also puts a high emphasis on style and unobtrusiveness. For such a customer our assumption is that the grilles will always be on (this makes them, as you say, "sleek") and so the crossover voicing was done exclusively that way.

I'd second your comments that the cabinets were more coloration free than you first might have guessed. The thick walled aluminum extrusion is exceedingly rigid, more so than a similarly dimensioned wooden cabinet would be. In fact we were impressed enough with the rigidity of aluminum extrusions that they will soon make an appearance in a much more expensive product!

Finally, we believe that music can be more revealing of a system's performance than movies. The lack of a visual element and the more subtle nuances of well recorded music make it hard to hide any faults, so we are gratified that you felt the VisionSound and SubSeries products worked so well on music.

Thanks again.

David Smith

Director of Product Development

PSB Speakers International