PSB Synchrony T600 Loudspeaker Review Test Bench

Test Bench

I conducted several in-room measurements using the Parts Express Omnimic measuring software and microphone, a $300 package that offers a usefully accurate response of a speaker at the main listening seat. The results shown here are for my room. All were taken at the single, seated, ear-level position. (Experience in my room has shown that an average of several readings, taken across a span of about 2 feet, differs little from the single position measurement apart from smoothing out small ripples.) All curves here are 1/6th octave smoothed.—TJN


Fig.1 Both curves are for the left channel only, with the PSBs driven full range and the subwoofers off. Blue shows the response with Audyssey disengaged, no Graphic EQ of any kind, and the Denon's Bass and Treble tone controls set to zero. The red curve again shows the left channel but with Audyssey engaged. Note that the responses overlap above 300Hz, confirming that, as intended, the Audyssey's response corrections are all below that frequency.


Fig. 2 The in-room responses of the left(red) and right (blue) channels with Audyssey engaged below 300Hz, no subwoofers.


Fig.3 The in-room responses of the left(red) and right(blue) channels with Audyssey engaged below 300Hz and two SVS PB-3000 subwoofers active, with both high- and low-pass filters at 80Hz. The Bass control here was set to -2 and the subwoofer level to +2 to produce the best audible result (the tone controls on other AVR models and brands may respond differently).
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I'm so glad to see the test bench back at Sound and Vision. Thomas does and excellent job at reviewing and proceeds to give us some in house measurements that gives us a ideal of what's going on in his room. Bravo!

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As a long time subscriber, I always look forward to S&V reviews. However I question the real world usefulness of a speaker review in which the speakers were tested "roughly 4 feet out from the back wall".

Yes, the odd person can install speakers 4 feet off the rear wall, but the vast majority of us are physically unable to do so, even if we wanted to (it's not exactly aesthetically pleasing).

So this review is of limited value to me in evaluating a purchase of these speakers. Please reconsider your assumptions about the target audience when testing tower speakers.